SASC Celebrating Our Frontline Workers

The Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Members of the Commission, Executive Officer and Staff of the Statutory Authorities Service Commission (SASC) would like to take a moment to applaud all its frontline workers. Under the purview of the SASC we have the following entities that have been identified as essential services:

  • Children’s Homes
  • Municipal Corporations

To our Managers and staff especially our caregivers at the Children’s Homes, we applaud you for keeping our children safe at this time.

Four (4) of the fourteen (14) Municipal Corporations are under our purview but now is not the time to separate us, the SASC would like to stand up and applaud all of our Frontline workers especially in the following divisions:

  • Municipal Police
  • Public Health
    • CMOH and PMOH
    • Public Health Nurse
    • Public Health Visitor
    • Public Health Inspectors
  • Sanitation
    • Garbage collectors

They are among the one who play such an integral part of our everyday lives and only in exceptional moment in time such as the COVID 19 pandemic that we have the opportunity to stop and recognize them. They are not among the glamour workers or the high earners but their importance in our daily lives is so underrated.

Thank you all for giving up your individual families during this time and putting your lives on the line to keep us safe.