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The Statutory Authorities Service Commission (SASC) is an independent body established by Act No. 16 of 1966 (now Chapter 24:01 of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago). The Act was assented to on August 2, 1966 and the Commission operationalized on January 1, 1967.

Like the other Service Commissions, the SASC has its origins in the British Civil Service tradition, which is based on the principle that the appointment, promotion, dismissal and discipline of officers should be insulated from political influence. The creation of Service Commissions was therefore seen as a key measure to promote the impartiality of the Civil Service.

Role of SASC

Section 5 of the Act, gives the Commission the power to appoint persons to hold or act in offices and to transfer, promote, remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons so appointed.

An “officer” is defined as a person holding a pensionable office in the service of a statutory authority whose remuneration is paid on a monthly basis.

The Commission regulates its own procedures, with the consent of the Prime Minister, and has formulated regulations for this purpose – the Statutory Authorities Service Commission Regulations, Chapter 24:01, and its amendments.

There is no current delegation in respect of any of the powers of the Commission. The Commission now carries out all its prescribed functions.

Members of the Executive Management

Members of Executive Management

1)   Mrs. Michelle Pierre – Executive Officer

2)   Mrs. Vahini Jainarine  – State Counsel II

3)   Mrs. Nafesha Ali Mohammed – Administrative Officer IV

4)   Mrs. Nicolle Rocke-Emille – Administrative Officer II (Monitoring & Recruitment) 

5)   Mrs. Omatee Bridgelal-Jagessar – Administrative Officer (Discipline)

6)   Mrs. Neilsia Reid-Paul– Procurement Officer

7)   Mrs. Abbiagil Gibson-Ransome – Administrative Assistant (Human Resource)

8)   Ms. Josanne Bengochea  – Administrative Assistant (Accounts)

9)   Ms. Simone Changwai – Records Manager

10) Mr. Timothy Nagessar- IT Infrastructure Specialist

Members of the Service Commission

Members of the Service Commission

1)   Chairman – Dr. Gloria Edwards-Joseph

2)   Deputy Chairman- Dr. Sterling Frost

3)   Member- Ms. Arlene Mc Comie

4)   Member- Ms. Judith Morrian-Webb

5)   Member- Mr. Eric James