Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments and Confirmations

I am a temporary officer?  How soon will I be permanently appointed?

This depends on the availability of permanent vacancies and your position on the Seniority List / Order of Merit List of the particular office and satisfactory Performance Appraisal Reports.

I was appointed subject to medical fitness and on two years’ probation. My probationary period has expired but my appointment is yet to be confirmed.  When will my appointment be confirmed?

If your probationary period expired before 1st June, 2006, and providing that the Permanent Secretary has submitted:

•    all probationary reports on your work and conduct
•    a medical certificate of fitness for permanent employment in the public service
•    blood test results
•    a recommendation for the confirmation of your appointment
•    and, where necessary, any other documents relating to conditions of your employment the matter will be submitted to the Statutory Authorities Service Commission as soon as possible for your appointment to be confirmed.

However if your probationary period expired on or after 1st June, 2006, the Permanent Secretary is required to pursue the confirmation of your appointment in accordance with the powers delegated to him/her by the Statutory Authorities Commission.  In this case, your enquiry should be directed to the Human Resource Management Unit of the Ministry.