Frequently Asked Questions


I wish to be transferred to another Ministry.  How do I get a transfer?

You are required to state your request in writing, giving the reasons for your request and indicating the Ministry to which you wish to be transferred.  Your letter should be submitted through the Permanent Secretary or Head of Department of your Ministry.  When received in the Statutory Authorities Service Commission, your letter will be placed on file and recorded in a request for transfer and your request will be considered along with those of other officers who requested transfers, on the occurrence of a suitable vacancy.

I am a temporary officer. How do I get a transfer?

Temporary officers are not transferred. However, you can submit a letter requesting a new temporary appointment in another Ministry/Department through your Permanent Secretary/Head of Department (Human Resource Unit). Your Permanent Secretary/Head of Department must then forward the original letter of request to the Statutory Authorities Service Commission along with their necessary comments.

Upon receipt, your letter of request will be acknowledged and recorded in the Request For New Appointment Register.  On occurrence of a suitable vacancy in the requested Ministry/Department your letter of request will be considered.

How soon will I get the transfer?

This depends on your position on the Request for New appointment Register and the availability of a long-term arrangement.